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Dog Friendly Parks

Fisher Meadows

This is a great park to walk, run, or just enjoy the relaxing beauty of nature. Dogs must stay on-leash, and owners are responsible for picking up any waste. This park is located at 800 Old Farms Road, Avon, CT. 06001. Here is someone’s personal experience at the park.

Nod Brook Training Area

This vast area of land borders Simsbury, CT. It’s a great place to work on training with your dog, especially learning off-leash manners and swimming. Sometimes it is reserved for professional training sessions or for hunting groups during season.


Dog Friendly Stores

Orvis Company Store

Sporting goods, clothing, and pet products. Come check out this shop, located at 380 West Main Street, Avon, CT. 06001. Dogs must be well-mannered and on-leash.

Wholesome Animal Grocery Store

This lovely grocery store is all for your pets! It also has the wonderful nickname of “WAGS.” This store is a great place to learn about how to offer your pet a holistic diet. Located at 70 East Main Street, Avon, CT. 06001.

Brownstone Bakery for Dogs

Want a cake or homemade cookies for your pooch? Then check out this amazing bakery, where they make everything from scratch. They also offer top choices in cat and dog food in their store. Located at 16 Ensign Drive, Avon, CT. 06001.

Animal Hospitals & Veterinary Services

Avon Veterinary Clinic
328 W. Main Street, Avon, CT 06001
(860) 678-1122

Animal General
296 Country Club Road, Avon, CT 06001
(860) 673-4000