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Dog Friendly Parks

Windsor Dog Park

This precious little park is situated in Northwest Park. There are two areas for dogs to play in. All dogs are allowed in the big play area, while the smaller play area is for dogs of smaller stature or have a more diffident personality. Both play areas are equipped with double-door entry. To check out more, visit HERE.

The Town Green

The Town Green is in the heart of Windsor, among all the hustle and bustle, the green is a vast open space to play a game of catch and bring a picnic.

Washington Park

A hidden treasure! Washington Park is a very small park with a pond and playground. Dogs need to be on a leash, but it’s a wonderful place to relax with your canine companion, and enjoy the beauty of nature.

Animal Hospitals & Veterinary Services

Connecticut Veterinary Center
620 Bloomfield Ave, Windsor, CT 06095
(860) 688-2026

New England Veterinary Center & Cancer Care
955 Kennedy Road, Windsor, CT 06095
(860) 688-8400